Boutique Camping

Our boutique camping comes with a premiere view and all the luxuries to suit. You can go all out with a fully furnished weekend palace or keep it nice and simple with the unfurnished options. Warm and snug on wet or windy nights and cool on hot summer afternoons, the Tipis are based on native American tradition and made from high quality materials and come complete with inner liner, full weather protection, groundsheet and matting.


Tipis offer comfortable and roomy accommodation so you can really make yourselves at home for the weekend. They are available in three different finishes so there’s something to suit couples, families, groups of friends and those who simply cannot live without their creature comforts!

One of the most gorgeous temporary homes you could ask for, Black Dog Tipi’s are a firm festival favourite.

  • Regular Tipi
  • £395.00/ Weekend
  • (Sleeps up to 6)




    Finished with a liner, groundsheet and coconut matting floor

    A fab roof over your head all you have to do is bring something to sleep on!

  • Luxury Tipi
  • £480.00/ Weekend
  • (Sleeps up to 6)


    As the Regular Tipi plus;


    Memory foam mattresses, Cotton/wool rugs and real sheepskins. Plenty of scatter cushions, low table with lantern and T lights provided. Colourful Indian cotton hangings, rubber doormat, and a waste container.

  • Super Luxury Tipi
  • £620.00/ Weekend
  • (Sleeps up to 6)


    As the Luxury Tipi plus;


    Mattresses come complete with fitted sheet

    Duvet and duvet cover

    Four pillows with pillowcases

    The king of luxury camping!

Lotus Belle

For a romantic weekend there are also smaller Lotus Belle tents available for two, these are much more roomy than your average bell tent with all the comfort to suit.

Spacious deluxe bell tents with plenty of headroom for a romantic weekend away.

  • Luxury Lotus Belle
  • £385.00/ Weekend
  • (Sleeps up to 2)


    Finished with Cotton/wool rugs, plenty of scatter cushions, low table with lantern and T lights provided, two chairs, rubber doormat in doorway and waste container and memory foam mattresses.

  • Super Luxury Lotus Belle
  • £400.00/ Weekend
  • (Sleeps up to 6)


    As the Luxury Lotus Tent plus;


    The mattresses come complete with fitted sheet, duvet, duvet cover and four pillows with pillowcases.