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Samphire is back for season two.

After a wonderful first year our independent music and arts festival on Exmoor National Park with magical sea views will take place from the 7th-9th July.

This time around it’ll be a three day knees up introducing Sunday Funday, with more music, more people, more venues, more quirky workshops, day time activities and silly games.

We should mention we’ve relocated the campsite to better pastures too!

Two nights, three days, three stages.


Come dance by the sea…



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We love to party, we love to get-away and we love the West Country. We created Samphire to give our families and friends the chance to experience a festival that combines these three loves, in a way that we feel is super important to this magic corner of the world.


Located in ancient Somerset woodlands with outstanding sea views of Porlock Bay, Samphire is about getting back to basics, escaping the digital world and lots of dancing.


We know that advances in technology have been invaluable in the modern world but we feel there does come a problem when we don’t actually know what it’s like to be disconnected from it all. With the help from our friends at Unplugged Weekend Samphire will help to be an escape and a detox from that whole world, somewhere you can completely switch off.


We have a diverse and talented group of bands, singers and DJs performing over the weekend. We hope, something for everyone, with genres including folk, funk, house, techno, ska, reggae, afrobeat, pop, indie, jazz and disco. Festival goers will also be able to enjoy an eclectic programme of art, drama and comedy. If that’s not enough you can take part in a range of fun and wholesome workshops and games – such as yoga, den building, mindfulness classes, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, tree climbing, stargazing and storytelling.

“Samphire is all about having a lovely little getaway with friends and great music in a stunning setting. We’re sure you’ll want to return.”

Line up samphire festival somerset

Forget the faff of setting up camp or taxiing too and fro site. If you like your creature comforts there is on-site luxury accommodation available with a killer view.   

Our boutique tents come with beds, fresh cotton bedding, cosy duvets, floor rugs, camp chairs and more. There is be brekkie provided too! Options available are;

  •  – 2 person Sultans bell tents for the romantics
  •  – 4 person Touareg tents for you and your besties
  •  – 6 person Sultans bell tents for the most popular among you


We have limited availability for on-site accommodation and there are only a few remaining.

Book here


bell tents outside



Porlock and the surrounding area offer some fantastic choices for anyone wishing to swap canvas for a cosy bed and shower!


Sea Point – 01643 862 289

Whortleberry Tea Room – 01643-862891

Glen Lodge – 01643 863371

Wellcombe – 01643 862966

Millers at the Anchor Hotel – 01643 862753

Lorna Doone – 01643 862404

The Ship Inn – 01643 862507

The Cafe Porlock Weir – 01643 863300

The Culborne Inn – 01643 862259

The Castle – 01643 862504

The Bottom Ship – 01643 863288

Sparkhayes Campsite – 01643 862470

Porlock Caravan Park – 01643 862269

General camping is included in every ticket. Our campsite looks straight out to sea, a welcome view when you wake up in the morning.

For information about the do’s and dont’s at Samphire please read the FAQs.

Trader and Artist applications are now open for 2017.

If you think you have something special to offer, please get in touch with us at

Tickets have been allocated via email. If you purchased them on Crowdfunder they were dispatched in the last 2 weeks. If you purchased them on Event Cube they were dispatched at the time of purchase.  Please check your spam/junk folder if you can’t find them.

Refunds are offered only if the event is cancelled. In this case the booking fee will be retained along with any other charges we cannot recover. This is outlined in our terms and conditions and is an industry standard practice.

Re-sale of tickets is not advised as e-tickets can be easily duplicated. However we will be able to change the name on a ticket and reissue it as appropriate. Matching ticket and ID are required on entry to the festival.

The dealing in or use of illegal drugs at Samphire Festival will not be tolerated. Drug enforcement laws are applicable on this site and will be enforced by our security personnel. If you deal or use drugs, you may be liable to arrest and prosecution in accordance with National Law and will be passed to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Neither anti-social or illegal behaviour shall be tolerated and attendees shall leave themselves liable to eviction from the event.


Experimenting with drugs can lead to an adverse reaction. If you do take drugs and do become ill, depressed or frightened, please inform a member of staff who will direct you to our on site medical team who will be able to help and support you.

We are an independent festival run on love. We rely on bar sales to survive so we need to limit the amount of alcohol you can bring. We wouldn’t want anyone going thirsty though, so we’re allowing…

Either: 8 x 300ml cans of beer / lager / cider per person

OR : 4 x 300ml cans of beer / lager / cider per person and 75cl of wine (in a plastic bottle) per person. These may only be brought into the venue on first entry.

There will be a number of well priced stalls and bars selling fabulous food and local drinks for your pleasure.

Searching is a condition of entry to Samphire Festival. The Event Organisers reserve the right to conduct security searches and confiscate any item which in the opinion of the Event Organisers may cause danger or disruption, be a health and safety risk, not be suitable to be taken into the event or is one of the items not permitted in the venue as detailed in these Terms and Conditions.

Anyone found carrying illicit or illegal items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Police as a result.


Illicit and illegal items include:

○ Fireworks, flares or chinese lanterns

○ High power torches, laser pens or personal sound systems

○ Alcohol (over and above your personal allowance of 8 cans of beer or one bottle of wine)

○ Illicit drugs, legal highs or nitrous oxide

○ Animals (except guide dogs)

○ Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon

○ Glass, BBQ’s or any cooking equipment


Persons may be liable for eviction under the following circumstances;

Entering the land on which the event, or land that is owned by Porlock Manor Estate, without a valid ticket, wristband, pass, or sufficient accreditation, with the intention of gaining illegal entry to the licensed premises.

If you are disabled or care for someone who is, please drop us an email – and we will be very happy to assist you in every way that we can.

No there is no lower age limit to attending the Samphire. However anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian over 25. There is a maximum of four Youth/Child tickets per adult over 25. Please bring ID with you. The following ID can be used as proof of age for entering the site: For full terms and conditions see here.

  • Current UK Driver’s License or Provisional License
  • Current Passport



We care deeply for your welfare at Samphire. Please read this page carefully and ensure that you fully understand the infrastructure in place to ensure the safe enjoyment of the festival. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask any members of staff.




  • Personal Health
    • Make sure you look after yourself, Samphire takes place over 2 1/2 days so pace yourself so you can keep going till the end!
    • Drink lots of water, safe drinking water is available in all campsites and in the arena.
    • Remember to wash your hands regularly, infection’s can spread quicker on a festival site.
    • Remember sun cream and always protect your skin from the sun
    • Wellies and strong comfortable walking shoes are a must
    • Protect your ears! Wear ear protection if you are planning on getting up close and personal with the speakers.
  • Personal Safety
    • The phone signal on the festival site can sometimes be disrupted. Decide a meeting point with your friends at the beginning of the festival so you can find each other with ease and carry on having a good time.
    • Festivals are all about meeting new people, but if you meet someone new it’s best to invite them to join your friends first, rather seeing them alone.
    • At night, stick to the well lit areas of the festival. Always keep a torch on you.
    • If you are feeling pressured, upset, emotional or just want a friendly face to talk to, head to the Medical & Welfare tent where the staff will be more than happy to help.




The arena has a medical and welfare center located near production gate, which operates 24hrs per day. If you are feeling unwell visit this area as soon as you can.


  • The medical tent is on-site and available for anyone who requires medical assistance during the festival. The medics at Samphire are experienced, qualified and fully equipped to deal with situations.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the location in the festival shortly after you arrive on-site.
  • Look out for your fellow festival goers and inform a steward or a member of security if you notice that someone is unwell.
  • The welfare tent provides festival goers with a hub of caring, experienced individuals to help you with even the smallest of issues.
  • If you are feeling pressured, upset, emotional or just want a friendly face to talk to, head to the Welfare tent where the staff will be more than happy to help.




  • Staff can provide you with up-to-date information about various activities taking place, guide you towards any facilities you may require, as well as relay important information or feedback in order to improve your experience.
  • Lost Property
    • All lost and found is dealt with through the production office so this should be your first port of call. The team will go through all lost property after the festival and try and re-home as many items as possible.
    • Mark any items you would wish to be returned with your address, postcode or telephone number.




Preventing Crime – although crime is low it is always better to protect your valuables and make sure you are being as careful as possible

  • Valuables
    • Don’t bring anything valuable
    • Clearly mark your property with your address, postcode or contact number. Permanent markings will deter thieves as well as help any lost good get returned to their owners.
    • Sleep with valuables in your sleeping bag or close to your head rather than by the door of your tent
  • Cash
    • Don’t carry big amounts of cash on you
    • Don’t carry all your cash and valuables in the same bag/pocket
    • Only take the items in your wallet that you really need. Leave any unnecessary cards/keys at home.
  • Camping
    • There is safety in numbers; set up camp with your friends and create a community with your new neighbours
    • Be untidy in your tent! Don’t leave everything in one bag that can be grabbed quickly.
    • Do not challenge anyone you find looking through your tent. Take a mental image of what they look like and report them to festival staff or the police. Any offenders will be expelled from the site
  • Cars
    • Don’t leave any valuables in your car
    • Empty all belongings from your glove compartment and leave it open
    • Rub off any marks left by sat nav’s on your windscreen




  • Reporting a crime on-site
  • If witness a crime or are unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime it is important that you report it immediately so we can act upon it as soon as possible.
  • As soon as you realise that any of your property is missing, inform both the police (dialling non-emergency number 101) and the on-site security team. Do not wait until you get home. If it is your phone that has gone missing immediately contact your network provider to ask for the SIM card and handset to be blocked. Telephone numbers can be found on
  • It’s much easier for us if we have as much information as possible. If you can remember appearance, clothing etc. of the person and the details of where you are at the time the likelihood of us finding them is far greater
  • Security staff will be patrolling both the arena and campsites. It is their job to help you stay safe and keep their eyes out for anything suspicious. If you see any suspicious behaviour
  • Reporting a missing/found item
  • All lost and found is dealt with through the info tent so this should be your first port of call. If Info tent team will go through all lost property after the festival and try and re-home as many items as possible.
  • Mark any items you would wish to be returned with your address, postcode or telephone number.
  • Reporting a member of security or staff
  • If a member of the stewarding or security team have bothered you in anyway then you can let us know directly on-site at the production office or after the festival through contacting
  • It is important that you get their name/Id number otherwise it becomes quite tricky to pin down exactly who it was. We take staff misconduct very seriously so please let us know.

Yes, there are a limited number of Campervan passes available from our ticket shop.

Please email

A limited amount is allowed. However our food on site will be some of the tastiest you’ve ever had at a festival so you shouldn’t need to bring too much.

There will be a variety of food traders selling scrumptious fairly priced food.

For those seeking gluten free and vegetarian options, rest assured your needs will be catered for.

We want to encourage people to have a weekend away from their phone but there will be some facilities to charge your phones at one of the bars.  You can of course can bring your own personal charger too!

No. Unfortunately there will be no cash machine available on site. Please bring with you enough cash for the weekend. The nearest cash point is in Porlock on your way through to the festival site.

As a condition of us gaining our licence no private sound-systems or generators will be allowed onto the festival site.

For safety reasons no barbecues or open fires are permitted in any circumstances. This requirement is taken very seriously given the campsites proximity to the woods. Small camping stoves with butane/propane canisters less than 250g are allowed, cooking in and around tents is dangerous, if you use a stove please be very careful.

Yes Samphire is a family friendly festival and there will be a small kids play area. Being such a small festival there are not activities in the kids area 24/7 so do be aware of this if you’re bringing little children. If the weather is gorgeous (which it will be!) there’ll be plenty of scope for outdoor play. There will also be some baby changing facilities and lots of hay bales to change nappies on.


Age specific restrictions

  • Samphire welcomes festival goers of all ages and is a family-friendly environment.
  • All children and young persons 19 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • 1 adult can accompany up to 4 children or young persons (or any group formed wholly or partly of one or other of these two groups).


Child Wristbands

  • All parents/guardians purchasing tickets for children (12 or under) will be issued with a wristband for their child and asked to write their mobile number on it before attaching it to the child’s wrist. For safety and security reasons we request that the child’s name is not written on the wristband.
  • If a child wristband gets lost or damaged, parents can pick up replacements at the public entrance.


Children’s Area’s

  • Samphire as a whole is family friendly. All of the daytime programming lends itself to kids and adults alike. However we do have a specific area dedicated specially to those younger ones
  • The kid’s area of the festival has a small programme of activities to keep your little ones entertained; workshops, games, circus skills and more.
  • Anyone on site who is in a position to work with or keep a child safe for any length of time will be DBS-checked and present credentials and references.


*Lost Children*

Big crowds can be daunting for children. To avoid separating from them give your children the same advice you would if you were anywhere else; don’t go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first. If they get lost have them ask for help from a member of security or a steward.

Any found children will be cared for in the Welfare Area and this would be the first place to head if you have been separated. Something that really helps us is making sure that your phone number is written clearly on a child’s wristband.

No, It’s only a two day festival so there won’t be any shower facilities available on site. There will be some basins so you can have a mini spruce in if you want to be squeaky clean!

Please do not walk up the A39. 

Pedestrian access to the site will be via the private Toll Road only, a safer and more attractive walk to our site. Please do aware that festival traffic will be going up this road so take care when walking up the hill. 

There is a shuttle bus (see above) going from Porlock to the festival site if you would rather save your legs for all the dancing and not walk!

The address of the site is Porlock Hill, Porlock, Somerset, TA24 8QH. There will be lots of signs for festival traffic so you won’t get lost!

Please purchase your car park ticket before you set off or make sure you have £10 cash to hand on the gate.


We are 1 hour 40 minutes away from Bristol. Drive straight down the M5 to J23, follow signs along the A39 through Porlock and then up the hill. From London the drive is 3 hours and 15 minutes once you’re on the M4. From there, head to the M5 and following directions above. From Taunton take the A358 out towards Minehead and on to Porlock along the A39.


Alternatively, for those with a little time to spare there is a scenic route across Exmoor which is only half an hour longer. Come off the M4 at J25 Taunton, follow the A358 towards Minehead and take the left under the railway bridge towards Raleigh’s Cross and Exford. From Exford take Mill Lane towards Culbone and Porlock. 


Please be aware that the A39 up Porlock Hill to the festival site is the steepest section of A road in the country! It is no problems for any old car but if you’re in an ancient bus or on a horse and cart then you might want to take the scenic route.


As our numbers are limited at Samphire Festival this year we won’t be running a coach service. Please help us be eco- friendly and share lifts if you are planning to drive. 

National Express runs daily from London to Minehead (16 minutes from Porlock). 

Return trips to Minehead cost approximately £50. Book here. 

From Minehead take the number 10 bus to Porlock. You can look at the bus timings here. 

In Porlock pick up one of the festival shuttle busses (on the hour) from Doveryhay Car Park or the Village Hall Car Park to get up to the festival site. 

The nearest mainline station is Taunton, 1 hour 40 minutes from London Paddington. The trains leave London Paddington every 30 minutes. Advance prices from £47.50 return. Click here to book your tickets with Great Western Railway.

The station is a good 45 minutes drive to the festival site so we have been arranging flat rate deals with local taxi companies (see below) to get you to the site.

All the taxis below have been contacted by Samphire Festival and are very much aware of the event. They would prefer to be pre booked so if you require a taxi from Taunton station to the festival site or want a taxi up the hill from Porlock please do book as much in advance as possible.


From Taunton train station to festival site (approx 45 mins)

Leo’s Taxis – 01823 924400

£50 per 4 person vehicle (up to 10pm)

£60 per 4 person vehicle (evenings and w/e)

£70 per 7 person vehicle

£80 per 7 person vehicle  (evenings and w/e)

AAA Taxis – 01823 257999

£60 per 4 person vehicle (up to 10pm)

£75/80 per vehicle (evening and w/e)

A1 Ace Taxis – 01823 332211

£60 per 4 person vehicle (up to 10pm)

Lightning taxis – 07989 398433

£65/70 per 4 person vehicle  (some six seater vehicle’s available).

Ali cabs – 01823 241122

£60 per 4 person vehicle (up to 10pm)

£80 per 4 person vehicle Evening and w/e.


In and around Porlock:

1st Call Exmoor Taxis – 07826 212511

Bossington Taxis  – 07971 044871

Chris’s Taxis – 01643 706656

Tony’s Taxis –01643 702424

Minehead Taxis – 01643 702222

Ava – 01643 703333

Anchor Taxis – 01643 704240

Alcombe Taxis – 01643 702269

Coastline Taxis Lynton – 01598 753442